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Whether you just want a deck built or extensive work done on your home, we can do it. We know that the kiwi dream is to own and be proud of our own home so let us help build your kiwi dream. We also know there are many builders to choose from in New Zealand so why choose us? Does it matter who you choose to build and is cheaper the better option? Why should you choose an experienced builder? Do I need consents on what I want to build? Let’s look at these questions and more.

Quality Versus Price

Kiwis love a good deal, we love cheap, we love to save. Saving money by buying cheap can work out well if you don’t want the product to last, however when it comes to building, quality needs to be balanced in with getting that good deal. After all you want your home to last at least as long as you live right? So make sure you use a builder who knows what they are doing, who knows what materials to use in which situation, and use a builder you can rely on, to finish the job in the expected time, at the expected price and who will leave you happy with the finished product.

What About Housing Materials?

Housing needs different materials for different areas, for example if you are living near the beach you need to think about the effects of salt spray. Or if you live in a high rain or heavy weather area you need good quality weather protection. Above all we recommend to use quality and NZ approved materials, you want your home to last a lifetime or more. We know all about the best materials to use so they will last the test of time, we know what will be less maintenance and what will save you money in the long term.

How Much Do Builders Cost?

How much on average does a builder cost in Auckland New Zealand. Well one of the perks in living in Auckland is our builders are some of the cheapest in the country. You can expect to be charged about $49 an hour.

How much does it cost to build a deck? Well that mainly depends on what material you use. Typically, Kiwis favour a good pine deck which averages at about $135 per square meter. When it comes to building a deck, think about what you want it to be used for, is it for those backyard BBQs or just for the kids to play on? Do you want to put a spa pool on it? You will need a building consent for a deck only if it is over a certain height this being 1.5m above ground.

If you are wanting to build an extra bedroom, there are a few different options. For example, being a cheaper option it is quite common to renovate the garage into a new bedroom. As most of the work is done it is a quick and “simple” way to add on a room and costs about $25,000. To add on an extension for a bedroom is about twice that amount.

Specialised Buildersbuilder_new_zealand

Most builders now have an area they specialise in, where a builder has extra knowledge in a certain type of build. For example, a renovations specialist, or kitchen specialist. Some may have an affinity for period style housing, while others specialise in the ultra-modern look. Take this into account when choosing a builder. If you want an ultra-modern look, choose a builder who specialises in this and knows what they are doing.

Have You Got Building Consents?

To avoid future hassles, it is a good idea to make sure what needs a consent before starting the build. We know exactly what consents are needed for what work so we can help you with this. You can read more about consents at the Auckland council website. They have thorough and comprehensive information for you to read. Most building projects need some form of consent.

Certifications And Licences

When choosing your building company, it is a good idea to make sure they are all legal and above board, if a builder talks to you about a job that seems too good to be true it probably is. So to avoid being on Fair Go fighting for what you wanted make sure you check they are qualified and licenced. Check to see if they are registered as a master builder or the like. Ring references and talk to them, even go and see some of their work. Ask about guarantees, warrantees and insurance and ring those companies and check they have what they say they have. Unfortunately, there are far too many cowboy builders out there wanting to take your money and leave you the mess.

builders_consent_permits_and_certificationsGetting anything built is going to cost a lot of money so you want to make sure your money is going where it should be. You want the best for your money. So why choose us?

  • We are fully licensed
  • We are fully qualified
  • We are fully experienced
  • We value you as a customer and we will not sign off a job until you are satisfied
  • We know all there is to know about building, from the humble backyard deck to a new home

So call us today for a free quote and let’s get that dream built.